Home in the Fields Album Release

Album Release Online AnnouncementAll Those Who Wander will be releasing a full length album on November 10th. The brand new album of all original music, entitled Home in the Fields, is a musical story of life in Colorado and the journey of band members Nick and Danielle Booker from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains.

The group will be performing an album release concert on November 4th at 6 PM at the Sands Theatre in Brush, CO. 100 special release copies of the album will be available at the release concert and through a pre-sale online and at Downtown Sound in Fort Morgan. Check AllThoseWhoWanderMusic.com for details!


Author: allthosewhowandermusic

All Those Who Wander is a two piece folk alternative group creating original and traditional music. The group creates an eclectic mix of American, Scottish, and Irish folk styles combined with recorded sounds. From virtuosic penny whistle to tight vocal harmonies, All Those Who Wander is a dazzling Colorado folk group with an original sound like no other. The group is composed of Colorado natives Nicholas and Danielle Booker. Both are versatile musicians who perform on guitar, piano, penny whistle, flute, bodhran, trombone, and vocals. The duo makes bold stylistic choices with their fresh take on traditional playing and songwriting. They live and work in the tradition of great and varied folk artists such as Stan Rogers and Old Crow Medicine Show while paving their own way with their exciting new music.

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