The Story of Home in the Fields


I was asked by a reviewer to write up the story of our 2017 release Home in the Fields, so I thought I’d share it with you all as well! Here it is:

Home can mean many things. For my wife and I, it meant a little house in a small town on the windy plains of Eastern Colorado. It meant being together with our music, our dreams, and our 5 pets under our own roof. Home in the Fields is an album about our journey from a mountain town and a big city to a place we could finally call home.

The story starts on a plane to Auckland, New Zealand, where we started flirting our way through a youth symphony tour. We went home to different lives for a couple of years, but fate brought us together in a university music school, where we fell in love.

We married just after school only to be separated when I left my new wife and headed to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for the Army’s basic training. After a few months apart, we were determined to fulfill our dream of owning our own home. We wanted a home in a small town, where we could make some friends, but not too many.

We found it about ninety miles from Denver on a plain by the South Platte River. At the time, we were living about an eighth a mile from the crossroads of a railroad track and an interstate in Denver’s bedroom community of Brighton. Over the next 6 months, we would celebrate and despair in a cycle that too many people go through in their 20’s, the cycle of finding a place in the world.

In the end, we found it in a 1908 arts and crafts house in Brush, and we made our lives among the small town folks. We’re lucky, because we’ve found the town to be beautiful, the people to be beautiful, and they seem to think our music is pretty fair.

We released the album with the help of the people of our county at the theater in our home town; our home in the fields.


Author: allthosewhowandermusic

All Those Who Wander is a two piece folk alternative group performing original and traditional music. The group creates a fresh and original mix of Americana, Bluegrass, and Celtic music with tight harmonies, infectious guitar lines, unforgettable drum beats and expert instrumentals.. The group is composed of Colorado natives Nick and Danielle Booker. Both are versatile musicians who perform on guitar, piano, penny whistle, flute, bodhran, trombone, and vocals. The duo makes bold stylistic choices with their fresh take on traditional playing and songwriting. They live and work in the tradition of great and varied folk artists such as Stan Rogers and Old Crow Medicine Show while paving their own way with their exciting new music.

One thought on “The Story of Home in the Fields”

  1. Beautifully written! And may the good Lord bless you both as your lives and music intertwine in your Home in the Fields. An inspiring album!


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