What a Week We’ve Had

This week we discovered a side of Colorado we’ve never seen before. We performed in the mountains, the city, the plains, and everywhere in between in a wonderful whirlwind of a week!

The Southern Lilly – Woodland Park, CO

We hit the road last Friday morning bound for Woodland Park and The Southern Lilly. We met an awesome couple from Houston, a waitress from Tenessee, and got to know The Southern Lilly owner, Paula-Sue, who is now carrying our CD Home in the Fields. We played some music, heard some awesome stories, and watched the mountain rain as we stood under the awning outside in the storm. Check out the concert video here!

We got a text early the next morning about an International Western Music Association showcase in nearby Florissant, so we packed up the van and headed out for a warm reception among some very fine musicians and an enthusiastic audience there. It was enlightening and fun hearing music and stories from Tom and Donna Hatton, Jimmy Robbins, Sara Lou and the Cowboy, and some other seasoned Western performers from around our great state.


IWMA Showcase Open Mic – Florissant, CO – Photo by Bill Patterson

That evening, we had a beautiful audience in a beautiful space in Colorado Springs at our First Christian Church Music on the Labyrinth concert.

First Christian Church – Colorado Springs, CO

We had a soulful first half, dodged the rain, and ended up with an energetic finish inside the sanctuary. If you missed it, check out the video here! It was a great time of catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones. Colorado Springs is my home town, so I always love being there at the foot of Pikes Peak, seeing how the city and our friends have grown. It being my hometown, we of course stopped in at Josh and John’s ice cream shop before picking up our old band mate Forrest Alvarez and heading to Shuga’s for the best cocktail in the now bustling city.


House Concert – Aurora, CO

Every year, we do our best to make it out to the Denver area for a house concert with the old crew. They’re a group of seasoned Brian Clancy pub people with a taste for the Celtic stuff (music and booze), and they’re some of the best friends we’ve had in music! This year, our good friends Hondo and Hillary Gomez hosted us for a few hours of Celtic sing-alongs and games.

About an hour before we left, we began hearing stories of the tornado in Brush, where we have our home. It was a tense drive through the rain and hail back to the plains where the power was out, trees branches were strewn across the roads, and windows and roofs were destroyed. Pulling up to our house and flicking on the brights gave us both a sigh of relief. Our house was undamaged except for the Stars and Stripes being on the roof instead of on our porch like we intended.



All Those Who Wander with Michelle Staley at B106 – Fort Morgan, CO

After a couple of mostly restful days at home, we got up bright and early for an interview with the amazing Michelle Staley on B106 in Fort Morgan. Check out the video here!

So what’s next? We’re forging onward to August 18th, when we will release our brand new music video Tim Richman by director Alex Killian at the Sands Theatre in Brush, CO at 5:30 PM. Check out the teaser trailer here, and join us on August 18th for the next chapter in the All Those Who Wander story!



Author: allthosewhowandermusic

All Those Who Wander is a folk music project by Colorado songwriter Nick Booker. His work is characterized by his own vivid small town storytelling as well as the unique retelling of stories both ancient and modern. From fast and furious Bluegrass to old world Celtic and of course original songs that are the product of both, All Those Who Wander is both a realization and a revival of the folk tradition. The project walks in the footsteps of great and varied folk artists such as Stan Rogers and Old Crow Medicine Show while paving the way with new stories and new ways of telling them.

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