Release Day

It was a rainy evening on Saturday in the old Sands Theatre. I gave the cue for blackout at 5:35. We walked through the pitch black room to the stage. The lights came on as we sang “We will make our home out in the fields” and it all clicked.

It has been months of work with director Alex Killian and his cast and crew. I can’t tell you how many posters and flyers I’ve put up, how many hours I’ve spent on social media, or how many nights I’ve lost sleep to promote the new music video, but I can tell you that in that moment, it was all worth it.

My own composition, Tim Richman, has been paired with some stunning visuals and a story line that left me in tears. It feels like some latent piece of myself has been realized, and I’m grateful for all of it. We owe a huge debt to all you listeners who made this release possible with your dedication and support, and we owe a great debt to Alex and his cast and crew who made a really touching video.

So, thank you all! You continue to make my life’s work come to life, and I’m so grateful for all the support we get everywhere we go!

Author: allthosewhowandermusic

All Those Who Wander is a folk music project by Colorado songwriter Nick Booker. His work is characterized by his own vivid small town storytelling as well as the unique retelling of stories both ancient and modern. From fast and furious Bluegrass to old world Celtic and of course original songs that are the product of both, All Those Who Wander is both a realization and a revival of the folk tradition. The project walks in the footsteps of great and varied folk artists such as Stan Rogers and Old Crow Medicine Show while paving the way with new stories and new ways of telling them.

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